This is what collectivist, totalitarian philosophy is all about

I wanted to take some time to address an issue that I hope gives some clarity as to why environmentalists act the way they do such as decrying scientists and laymen as climate deniers for disagreeing with the human induced global warming theory. There are efforts on the political Left and the Right to suppress dissent and to clamp down on individual freedom. On the Right there are anti-aboriton groups who not only advocate murdering abortion doctors (like Dr. George Tiller), but also bomb or sabotage abortion clinics and lie about abortion to patients at crisis pregnancy centers.

The trend for this seems to be on a downward spiral since anti-abortion organizations are resorting to stealth campaigns and changing their message rather than the more confrontational efforts during they 1980’s and 90’s. The Right is also trying to prevent the teaching of evolution in schools but such efforts will not be successful as evidenced by their recent legal defeat.

The most totalitarian activities, however, hail from the political Left. For example, a politician recently stated that climate deniers should be sued. A short time ago, one environmentalist said that in order to save the environment Republicans should be shot. There have also been numerous efforts to hinder free speech on college and university campuses through the use of speech codes enacted since the 1990’s. The root cause or basis for ideological, political utopian and even totalitarian movements (such as Communism and Nazism) is grounded in the philosophy of German philosopher Immanuel Kant. Essentially, Kant propped up Grecian philosopher Plato’s Theory of the Forms that posits that there is an external world that we can know exists with the awareness of time. Kant’s theory is best summed up by a Jewish proverb that says We don’t see things as they are, we see them as we are. In short, Kant rejected objectivity by detaching reason from reality.

What Kant did with his critique of logical idealism (i.e. reality as it is) was to replace it with transcendental idealism, hence his quote I had to deny reason in order to make room for faith. Essentially, what this means is you are your own god, reality is subjective and you create your own reality as you go along. The result hasn’t just been a number of terrible philosophers that followed Immanuel Kant and built and expanded on his ideas but the disastrous results of Kant’s influence as revealed in political philosophy. It is no coincidence that both Karl Marx and Adolph Hitler drew from Kant in order to culminate Nazism and Communism. The most recent Kant-inspired totalitarian ideological campaign is the postmodern movement. Postmodernism is a literary theory that rejects objectivity, asserts that everything is a matter of interpretation and truth is relative. It is best summed up by Friedrich Nietzsche who stated: There are no truths, only differences of opinion.

In the case of the political Left, the only truth is what helps their narrative and the causes they champion. In order to achieve the kind of results they want, the Left will intimidate and attempt to suppress dissent using whatever means at their disposal since it is all for the greater good. The tactics used to stop the Left’s opposition could be either rhetorical (ex: hate speech, racist, bigot or climate denier), physical (as seen in the video below) or political (ex: college and university speech codes). Basically, a person’s rights end where someone’s feelings begin. The best example of this took place during April of last year that was caught on video which is posted below. A Christian protester was on a campus of Arizona State University holding a sign warning people such as idolators, homosexuals and masturbators that judgement day was coming if they did not repent of their sins. The protester was viciously attacked by an ASU student that found the protester’s sign offensive and condemned it as hate speech.