The Attacking Oceans: Sea Levels Past and Future

Even if global warming is slowed down from limiting carbon emissions sea levels are still predicted to rise 20 feet above their present levels. That is the conclusion of a study that was published in the journal Science earlier this month. The UK Guardian states the manuscript’s findings show how much sea levels rose the last time carbon dioxide levels were as high as they are now. By 2050, the study states, almost 30 major cities will experience catastrophic flooding with high water levels being continuous by 2100.

While the report comes across as hyperbole, for the sake of argument lets assume that the findings of the manuscript’s research is correct. Like has been pointed out even if global warming is slowed sea levels will still rise regardless of what we do. Environmentalists use research like this as a means to clamp down on industrialization using this as a scare tactic while the media laps it up since doom gets ratings and sells newspapers. Author and historian Brian Fagan has written books on historical climate events such as the Little Ice Age and the Midieval Warming Period.

In the below video he gives a lecture about rising sea levels of the past and how humans adapted and survived when it occurred. In the world we live in we have technological advances that will ensure our survival for much longer periods, if not indefinitely. However, humans have adapted and survived before and we will do it again.