Clinton campaign pledges to further enrich Al Gore with blood money

Well, well, well! I suppose that at some point the Bill and Hillary Clinton were going to take care of their buddy, Al Gore at some point. There are benefits to being a FOB (Friend of Bill) and one of them is cutting friends into a piece of the action. CNN just reported that an aide for Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign states that they will go carbon neutral just like Hillary’s campaign did for her 2008 presidential run by buying carbon offsets. Guess who happens to be a major proponent and owner of a carbon trading company? Former Vice President Al Gore. Isn’t that just swell? Actually, if you dig deeper into the details the proclamation is actually horrifying.

As I have said in the past, environmentalism is anti-human life and is religious in the sense that it and much of the groups organized in its name seek to destroy civilization by forcing humans to live in a manner that sacrifices their lives to the needs of nature. I have previously commented on how Al Gore has been able to benefit from the green system of privileges known as carbon offsets. A 2009 New York Times article details how Gore personally benefits from the carbon offset market in which such investments are ultimately tantamount to blood money.

A study published by the Oakland Institute during November of last year reveals the terrible effects of G20 and other developed countries efforts in order to provide for offset carbon offset investments. According to a news report that covered researchers’ findings:

“The recent trend by well-off nations to carry on polluting but offset the effects by establishing forest plantations in poor countries as part of the ‘global carbon market’ is touted as a win-win situation for both countries,” Dr Richards said.

“But in many cases acquisition of land by foreign interests dispossesses local populations, which has profound impacts on the essentials needed for survival: food, water and shelter.

“The real benefits accrue to those acquiring the land – the plantation forestry company and their investors who are all seeking a return on capital.

“In interviews with 152 local villagers, environmental workers, company staff and journalists, it was found that up to 8000 subsistence farmers had been evicted from their land, with some subjected to physical violence by unknown security forces.

“Some villagers who tried to maintain a connection with their land reported being imprisoned through trespass laws.

Environmentalists have borrowed the idea for this system of indulgences (aka carbon offsets) from the Catholic Church. For hundreds of years the Catholic Church sold indulgences as a way for people to offset their sins so they could enter Heaven. An ancient practice that has made a comeback with the blessing of Pope Francis. The worst part about it, Al Gore has been able to enrich himself selling these investments that do little for the environment and end up persecuting poor people in developing countries. The very people Al Gore and Bill and Hillary Clinton claim to champion but, in reality, do not.