Greenpeace found in civil contempt for Portland protest

An icebreaker is a necessary component for oil exploration and even spill response. Oil companies who explore for petroleum in the Arctic and in other parts of the world where ice is prominent cannot begin drilling for oil until and unless an iceberg makes the path to the targeted area possible. Greenpeace made the determination that, despite US government approvals last week, Shell Oil company had no right to explore for petroleum in the Arctic.

According to TJC News, an icebreaker nearly 400 feet long docked in Portland, Oregon for repairs to its hull. The vessel hit an uncharted shoal in Alaska’s Aleutian Islands and, consequently, received a gash in its hull nearly 40 feet long. Upon completion of its repairs the ship experienced a delay in its ability to get back out to sea in order to participate in oil exploration operations for Shell Corporation was greeted by Greenpeace protesters dangling off of the St John’s Bridge and kayakers on the Willamette River waving a red and yellow banner saying Shell No.

The protesters have been staying put since Wednesday in which Shell Corporation took the matter to court where a judge found Greenpeace to be in civil contempt and was ordered pay $2500 for every hour that the protesters hung off the bridge. Authorities eventually removed the activists and the environmentalist group is appealing the judge’s decision. The U.S. Geological estimates U.S. Arctic offshore reserves at 26 billion barrels of recoverable oil and 130 trillion cubic feet of natural gas.

Despite the delays, thankfully, the icebreaker is now able to join other vessels involved in Arctic oil exploration for Shell Corporation. While one could say they are determined, Greenpeace will probably have to pay thousands of dollars in fines and potential restitution to Shell for their obstruction. In light of Greenpeace’s finances, the court costs will probably be a drop in the bucket and the group only delayed the inevitable.

The basis of environmentalist ethics is the destruction of civilization and their embracing and harping on the global warming issue linking climate change to fossil fuel use is a method they use to brow beat human beings for being prosperous. Fossil fuel use is the foundation of our civilization which includes the comforts and prosperity we enjoy in industrialized countries. Groups, like Greenpeace, prefer to revert mankind back to the stone age and they attack and obstruct the operations of companies (like Shell) who are involved in fossil fuel production.