Environmentalism, not global warming, is the reason for California drought

Newsweek has published an opinion piece by Park Williams who is an assistant research professor of bioclimatology at Columbia University. In his essay, Professor Williams makes the case that man-made global warming is entirely the reason for California’s drought. I respect him and am sure he is sincere but I disagree with his conclusion. Late last year, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has already concluded that the Golden State’s drought is the result of natural causes and not human induced climate change.

Droughts have occurred in The Golden State as far back as there is data. There is nothing unusual about this occurrence than any other time in the state’s history. I am not saying we should not be concerned or or not have empathy for what is happening. But the reality is that the state’s drought is not only not due to global warming, it is the result of a lack of water delivery infrastructure. Like I have said many times, California’s water shortage is the result of (you guessed it) environmentalist activism.

For example, back in 2009 a plan was proposed that would have been expanded and improved the state’s water delivery system. When it was made public and the funding mechanism via bonds was revealed, environmentalist groups expressed strong opposition to it. The Los Angeles Times reported:

Sierra Club officials, concerned about the environmental effects of dam and reservoir construction, expressed doubts. “This looks like more of the same, more money for storage that is unneeded,” said Jim Metropulos, a senior advocate with the group.

During June of last year, Senator Dianne Feinstein complained about green group’s rebuke of her plan to fund infrastructure for the state. The best response groups like the National Resources Defense Council (NRDC) could come up with was water recycling, rain capture and water efficiency. I wonder how any of them would feel comfortable drinking their water knowing it was recycled sewage.

Most of California’s water supply is delivered from the Sierra Nevada mountains resulting from snowfall that takes place there every winter. Since the 1980’s, environmentalist groups have been steadfast in their opposition to upgrading California’s water delivery infrastructure that affects major cities like Los Angeles and San Francisco. Environmentalist support of proposals like conservation and water recycling is merely smoke and mirrors not only for their opposition to enhanced water delivery system (in California but elsewhere too). It also demonstrates one other way they express their nihilistic, vicious hostility to human beings by seeking to restrict the water supply in order to rid the Earth of human beings.