New Zealand pigs shot sparks outcry from animal “rights” group

New Zealand researchers used live pigs for an experiment involving shooting the animals in the head with live ammunition while sedated and secured to a surgical table. It sounds brutal but was necessary since, according to the Associated Press, scientists state that the tests help understand human shooting deaths that might help in some criminal cases.

Animal rights groups, on the other hand, are not happy and have demanded the tests be stopped. PETA states that the experiments are not necessary since pigs are not the same as humans and proposed using mannequins or computerized models as alternatives. The general manager responsible for forensic science activities at the Institute of Environmental Science and Research, Keith Bedford, responded by pointing out that computer models are used whenever possible. In this instance, it was necessary to use the pigs because they could not get the same results with computer simulations. Also, the tests can help provide reliable evidence for court cases.

Despite the overall benefits of such animal tests, People for the Extortion, Torture and Abuse of human beings (PETA) takes it upon itself to condemn medical tests that can help police when they investigate homicides involving shootings. The attacks by groups like PETA on vivisection practices isn’t just an attack on healthcare as much as it is an attack on human knowledge. If these experiments using pigs were outlawed then police investigators would have a harder time solving crimes. Consequently, doing so would make it harder to investigate and prosecute suspects in murder cases. Another case of where animal rights value human savagery including the savagery of the animal kingdom.