UK Labour Party leader: meat eaters should be stigmatized like smokers

The UK Daily Mail reports hundreds of animal rights activists took it upon themselves to conduct an open air slaughterhouse protest in Paris yesterday as part of a demonstration against animal suffering and meat consumption. The campaigners covered themselves in fake blood and laid their bodies across a Paris public square as part of an action to commemorate the World Day for the Abolition of Meat organized by the animal rights group 269 Life.

While reading the article, I came across a quote from UK Labour Party new shadow environment secretary Kerry McCarthy. The UK Daily Mail states that McCarthy believes meat eaters should be stigmatized in the same manner that smokers are. McCarthy is a self-described militant vegan, and she adamantly opposes hunting a badger cull despite warnings from fellow Labour members that her doing so would hurt Britain’s farming industry.

McCarthy’s statement is indicative of the mentality of many animal rights activists. Not only will animal rights groups attempt to intimidate Jews along with stating anti-Semitic slurs when protesting a Jewish ritual for Yom Kippur involving the use of chickens, they also harass and intimidate people involved in vivisection as well as sabotage medical facilities who use animals in experiments including edit videos of footage illegally taken on farms and slaughterhouses.

Animal rights is not about the humane or ethical treatment of animals but the animalistic treatment of humans. It is one more avenue environmentalists use in their war on mankind. In this case of animal rights it is as much an attack on our healthcare as much as it is an attack on our food supply. It is not cruelty to value human life over the life of an animal. As a species we have a moral right, short of mindless self indulgence and cruelty, to exploit the Earth and its resources that include animals for our betterment. Efforts to take that ability away should be openly and peacefully resisted.