Mark Lynas: US Right to Know supported by anti-vaxxers

Former anti-GMO activist and environmentalist Mark Lynas has discovered something even more sinister about the anti-GMO group US Right to Know. Noting that the organization has ramped up its attacks on scientists involved in research on genetically modified foods, Lynas found out that not only is USRTK funded by the Organic Consumers Association (OCA), but its third largest donor is The Westreitch Foundation.

Both the OCA and Westreitch have statements on their websites that indicate opposition to vaccines and vaccinations. Lynas points out*:

OCA has published numerous articles on its website promoting anti-vaccine and other anti-science campaigns. For example, one article claims that the deadly ebola virus “can be prevented and treated naturally”, for example by using “intravenous Vitamin C”. OCA also promotes homeopathy, and publishes numerous pieces claiming child vaccines cause autism.

On its swine and bird flu pages, the Organic Consumers Association makes the following absurd and dangerous statement: “It is important to know how to protect your children and yourself with homeopathic and natural alternatives to vaccines to build your natural immunity to the swine flu.” OCA also publishes 9/11 Truther conspiracy theory material.

The Westreich Foundation’s website clearly shares this anti-vaccine agenda saying: “Vaccine safety for all, including independent testing and research of vaccines and the ingredients they contain, as well as the synchronicity effect of using multiple toxic chemicals together when injected into the human body.”

The idea that ingredients of vaccines can be toxic is a notorious meme spread by anti-vaccine activists. Westreich’s website abounds with pseudo-scientific gobbledegook, for example: “Health creation, prevention and management of chronic disease through Functional Medicine tenants and matrices, Integrative Medicine’s approach to whole-person healing, Natural Medicine’s clearing the way for the body to heal itself when possible (salutogenesis and homeostasis), and the role that the science of nutrition plays in creating health and managing disease.”

In many ways this is not surprising. Emory University historian Elena Conis stated in an Los Angeles Times article the anti-vaccine movement itself is a direct outgrowth of the environmentalist movement. Environmentalists are friendly to anti-vaccination and it makes sense that greens have some influence, if not are directly involved, in anti-vaccine groups. The environmentalist movement’s ultimate aim is to make life on Earth for humans a living hell if not eradicate human life itself. By opposing vaccines it results in massive human suffering from the diseases vaccinations and herd immunity help prevent.

*ADDENDUM 07/14/2020: The Westreich Foundation has removed the vaccine safety and much of the language Lynas reveals from their website.