Environmentalists are using American Indians and why it matters

On the coattails of the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) controversy in North Dakota, The Daily Beast has a very interesting commentary, in which the author, Jay Michaelson, speculates as to wether or not environmentalists are using Indians to achieve their ends. Michaelson notes the green’s strategy about trying to make fossil fuels more expensive by forcing oil and gas companies to factor in lawsuits and protests in an attempt to make renewable energy sources seem cheaper but points out there are severe drawbacks to such a strategy. What is of note, is this paragraph where he raises questions about the real intent of environmentalists:

Are environmentalists in coalition with Native Americans, or are they using them for their own purposes? What about when those purposes are crossed? For example, the short-term alternative to pipelines like DAPL is to put oil on trains and trucks. That’s worse for the climate, but better for the Native American lands. Would environmentalists support it? And if not, is their current solidarity with the Sioux real?

Unfortunately, in the end Michaelson does not adequately answer his own question. The answer to his question is obvious: Yes, environmentalists are using American Indian tribes to achieve their ends. The Left has used this as a tactic for years and the people they use don’t even realize it. Once a specific segment of society is no longer of use to the Left’s ends, they are thrown under the bus. We first saw this, for example, when Fidel Castro had his allies executed during and even after the Cuban revolution against Fulgencio Batista.

Most recently, the tragic shooting at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Florida demonstrates the latest disdain the Left has for gays and lesbians. Now that gay marriage is legal, the Left will no longer jump to the defense of gays and lesbians and has decided to side with Muslims since they are a larger constituency they can draw money and people from. The best indication of this is when Democrat politicians, like Hillary Clinton, condemned gun ownership rather than the fact that the shooter, Omar Mateen, swore allegiance to ISIS.

Omar Mateen embraced the totality of his faith and allied himself with the group that best represented his religion’s goals. In short, the Left blamed the gun and not the killer for Omar Mateen’s terrible deed and once American Indians are no longer of any use, the Left will abandon them just like they have with gays and lesbians and even women. Have you noticed nothing has been done about the recent spike in honor killings?.