Environmentalists demand construction of Canadian technopark be stopped

A group of environmentalists demand Canada’s federal government put a stop to the construction of a development in Montreal’s Saint Laurent’s technopark for clean tech companies alleging the construction poses a threat to wetlands that contain a number of bird species. According to Canada TV News Montreal, the wetlands are located on the north side of Trudeau airport and is alleged by environmentalists to be one of the last wetlands on Montreal’s island.

The Green Coalition also claims that the wetland is abundant of 85 species of birds and one of the most biodiverse areas in Montreal. A spokesman for Technopark Montreal, Carl Baillargeon, said the company constructing the planned site is taking measures to ensure the area’s environment is not harmed and is following all laws and regulations. Environmentalists scoffed, stating that the construction company’s efforts are indefensible and also states the wetland is home to a few pairs of least bitterns which are considered endangered species.

The aim of the development is to have clean tech companies established in a kind of eco-campus where companies can set up in buildings constructed in the wetland. In light of all of this, it makes the prospect of these developments becoming a reality more bleak if not outright pointless. Don’t be surprised if the construction of the technopark gets tangled up in legal wrangling to the point where it is abandoned altogether. This is due to environmentalists finding the idea not only of development to make human lives better but also technological innovation completely revolting and use endangered species laws to justify their prudish beliefs.