Ottawa animal “rights” supporter threatens Miami Mayor with death

Miami, Florida’s Mayor, Carlos Gimenez, maintains an Instagram account that has been hijacked by animal rights activists after the Mayor posted an announcement for half-priced pet adoptions Wednesdays at the Miami Animal Services shelter during January of last year. The Miami Herald states activists have been livid since the Mayor opted to cut funding to the shelter prompting the campaign to harass the Mayor accusing him of allowing animals to be euthanized at the shelter.

The Mayor, according to the Herald, has accused a group named the Pets Trust co-founders Michael Rosenberg and Rita Schwartz who have allegedly encouraged this kind of behavior including lying about how Miami-Dade County treats animals. The group lead a successful campaign to pass a non-binding ballot question that would assess a special tax to fund sterilization of cats and dogs in the county. Gimenez and other county officials nixed the idea stating that it would result in raising taxes. Despite funding being increased for the shelter, the Pets Trust has made it a point to seek to oust the Mayor.

The harassment and vitriol has gotten so bad, that one supporter out of Ottawa, Canada named Daniel Boles who goes by the name nakmuaythai stands accused of making a death threat against Mayor Gimenez. Boles allegedly said:

Better watch yourself in Miami I don’t have much to lose, ever see what s (sic) person that has nothing to lose is capable of?? I WILL kill if not ill start with your family and loved ones.

The comment was deleted shortly after and police are treating the threat as not viable. However, this and the fact that animal rights activists are acting like spoiled brats, harassing the Mayor of a major city of the United States. Despite the albeit empty threat allegedly made by Boles, it goes to show what lengths animal rights supporters, like Boles, will go in order to get their way.

People like Daniel Boles and groups like the Pets Trust believe there is no moral difference between a dog, a cat, a gorilla, an elephant or a human since to them all species are the same. That is until a human (in their mind) jeopardizes the lives of animals. The animal rights movement is not only a means of achieving the end of eradicating mankind for the sake of preserving nature, but also done in hopes of subjecting mankind to the savagery of the animal kingdom. It is the nihilism of animal culture that animal rights groups and activists revere and seek to force on mankind and why, in this case, they seek to harass and intimidate Miami Mayor Carlos Gimenez.