Obama outlaws fishing at Cape Cod, bankrupts area commercial fishing

With the stroke of a pen President Barack Obama announced today he will outlaw commercial fishing in an area of Cape Cod by designating 5000 square miles of the Atlantic Ocean off of the Cape Cod coastline. According to Masslive, commercial fishermen are livid, while environmentalists are ecstatic.

The designation applies to an area close to Georges Bank, almost 130 miles southeast of Cape Cod. The reason for Obama’s declaration is to ensure his environmental legacy in trying to combat human-induced climate change. In reality he could care less about the people whose lives will be ruined resulting from his action and Obama demonstrates his contempt for the fishing industry in order gain eco-street cred.

William Palombo, president of Palombo Fishing Corporation reacted to the Executive Order stating that not only will Obama’s order affect his business but pointed out the fishing in the area designated by the President does not disturb the eco-system there in the least. In a letter he fired off to Obama, Polombo states:

Multiple fisheries, including the Red Crab Fishery which is certified by the Marine Stewardship Council, have fished in these canyon areas for decades with such little habitat impact that monument proponents themselves call these areas pristine, despite 40-plus years of fishing activity. Importantly, most Atlantic corals are in waters deeper than the areas fished.

Polombo went on to say, Despite the fears expressed by environmental groups that lobstermen will eventually fish deeper than 600 meters, it will not happen, even if the technology was available, which it isn’t, because lobster does not reside at these deeper depths.

Even New Bedford mayor Jon Mitchell expressed serious concerns about the designation’s effect on local commercial fishing industry. There maybe legal action against Obama’s declaration, however. The Boston Globe reports Attorneys for the Southern Georges Bank Coalition state the Antiquities Act — the 1906 law authorizing the president to create national monuments by proclamation, which is being used to justify the move — does not allow for designation of any part of the water column as a monument.

Rather than reverse course, the President will instead pay hush money to the dissenting fishing groups with subsidies, which will probably entail job retraining or some sort of compensation. In kind contributions from the Presdient to environmentalists using climate change as an excuse to rob people of their lives and livelihoods.

Environmentalists oppose fishing since they seek to force people not only to embrace vegan diets but they prefer to defend the lives of fish over mankind’s ability to consume fish for meals that preserve and enhance their lives. Another attack not just on people’s choice of food but also on the human food supply.