Anti-Vaccine groups see an ally in Donald Trump

Anti-vaccine activists are optimistic that they will have an ally in the White House when Donald Trump takes office. Science magazine states President-elect Trump met with anti-vaccine groups in August for about 45 minutes in which one of the attendees was discredited British physician Andrew Wakefield. Trump is said to have promised he would watch an anti-vaccine documentary that Wakefield produced and was allegedly very informed about the issues they cared about.

Donald Trump has tweeted and expressed views alleging a link between vaccines and autism as far back as 2014 despite study after study having not found any connection. In a certain sense his views are irresponsible and uninformed. Last year, anti-vaccine groups funded research in hopes of finding a link to vaccines. In the end, none was found. However, Trump has not yet taken office so it is best to take a wait-and-see attitude when it comes to his activities on immunizations and vaccines.

As has been pointed out before, Emory University historian Dr. Elena Conis reveals in a Los Angeles Times commentary, the anti-vaccine movement is an outgrowth of the environmentalist movement. The efforts of anti-vaccine activists are an extension of the green movement’s holy war (i.e. jihad) to eradicate human life from the face of the Earth. One wonders how Donald Trump (who is a Republican) would feel if he fond out he was giving credence to an environmentalist-backed effort.