Australian mother seeks to start “vaccine-free daycare”

Despite their being illegal, anti-vaccine activists are still trying to set up their own daycare centers. The Australian Telegraph reveals a mother and activist with Vaccine Free Australia disclosed on her Facebook page that she was taking expressions of interest to start a vaccine-free daycare.

Australia has seen a rise in vaccine preventable diseases in recent years. But its states have laws on the books mandating that children who attend daycare centers and schools must be vaccinated. There are, however, conscientious exemptions that allow parents to skirt the requirements, but, thankfully, Australia’s Prime Minister is urging states that have them to close the loopholes.

During January of last year, Emory University historian Elena Conis revealed in an Los Angeles Times interview that the anti-vaccine movement itself is an outgrowth of the environmentalist movement. Environmentalists are friendly to anti-vaccination and it makes sense that greens have some influence if not are directly involved in anti-vaccine organizations.

The environmentalist movement’s ultimate aim is to make life on Earth a living hell for humans with the end goal of eradicating human life itself. By opposing vaccines it results in massive human suffering and even death from the diseases vaccinations and herd immunity help prevent. Establishing vaccine-free daycare centers heightens the risk not only of the spread of vaccine preventable diseases but puts the lives and health children and adults at risk.