Dave Rubin Joins Infowars LIVE To Talk About The Cult Of The Left

I am no fan of Alex Jones and I have refuted many conspiracy theories on this blog. Alex Jones is an entertainer and uses conspiracy theories in order to gain publicity as well as his means of understanding or making sense of political events. However, he has a right to his views and it is a person’s choice to follow Jones or watch his channel.

I do find myself watching Infowars Editor-at-Large Paul Joseph Watson videos on many occasions. He is funny and insulting and makes many excellent points so Infowars has developed into a medium where I (and I am sure many others) have been able to get some or a lot value out of their programming.

Political talk show host and ex-Leftist Dave Rubin joined Alex Jones on his show earlier this month to discuss the cult of the Left. The interview is not only entertaining but also very informative. Pay close attention to Jones and Rubin pointing out not only the contradictory manner in which Leftist activists conduct themselves but also the presence of Islamic totalitarians among Leftist groups. This is because Islam is a fellow destroyer but once their mission to grab power is accomplished they will throw Islamists under the bus like they have done with gays, blacks, and women.

The Left is an anti-Enlightenment, totalitarian movement whose founding father was Jean-Jacques Rousseau. The fullest expression of the Left’s philosophy is Karl Marx in which France’s Reign of Terror and the death and destruction under Communism is the final result of kind of civilization the Left wants. The environmentalist movement is an extension of the Left’s effort to rein terror not only against mankind but civilization itself.