Addams Family’s John Astin endorses screwing the poor

Like a useful termite for the environmentalist movement, actor, comedian and Baltimore native John Astin who is best known for his role as Gomez Addams in the 50’s television sit-com show The Addams Family crawled out of the woodwork and was the voice over for a radio ad endorsing a fracking ban in the state of Maryland.

According to the Associated Press, Astin says in the ad there’s nothing funny about poisoning drinking water and the air we breathe. Even the EPA’s updated study released last year on the effects of fracking on drinking water could not definitively state the risks to drinking water the drilling method posed. The Addams Family was a parody of monster horror movies and Astin obviously cannot fathom the horror of people going without work, having inexpensive heating oil for people to warm their homes or abundant amounts of gasoline to keep gas prices down so people’s trips to work are affordable.

When this story came across my feed, I was reminded of what happened when New York banned fracking two years ago. Maryland will probably follow a similar path as The Empire State. Like New York Maryland will, most likely, base their fracking ban on junk science studies whose research will be conducted by anti-fracking activists. So far, John Astin is the only celebrity championing Maryland’s fracking ban. This as opposed to New York where celebrities like Yoko Ono and Mark Ruffalo weighed in to back Governor Andrew Cuomo’s scheme.

When all is said and done, the greens and entertainers opposed to fracking will go back to their nice, comfortable homes complete with all of their luxuries while the average people in Maryland suffer in the spirit of what happened in New York’s Southern Tier after fracking was banned. After all, it is a lot easier to oppose energy production and productivity when you have a lot of money and think you can tell other people how to live.