The junk science behind Oregon’s neonic pesticide ban

Oregon’s legislature is considering a bill, SB 929, that will restrict use of neonicotinoid pesticides. This comes with recent propaganda the press has gobbled up from the so-called Natural Resources Defense Council alleging bee populations are in decline in which neonic pesticide use blamed for the bee population reductions.

KATU states the proposed legislation would ban the sale of the pesticide to the general public except farmers and exterminators. While beekeepers and environmentalists support the ban, food producers (such as farmers) are opposed. The Oregon cities of Portland, Seattle and Eugene banned neonic use on their properties.

A Center for Biological Diversity spokesperson states there are thousands of studies linking neonicotinoids with pollinator declines. However, my numerous reviews of many studies on pesticides has revealed that more study on the subjects covered by the research was needed and that the results of the research was not what the media made it out to be.

Additionally, environmentalists tend to only pay attention to studies that fit their bias and disregard research that disagrees or refutes theirs. For example, it would be interesting to see what their reaction is to the statement issued by American Council on Science and Health President Hank Campbell during August of last year that neonic pesticides don’t cause bee deaths. Even the USDA under the Obama Administration said during 2015 that neonics are not a key contributor to bee deaths.

During 2015 University of Maryland scientists published a manuscript in the journal PLOS ONE that points out that pesticides are not the sole cause of bee colony collapse.

Despite the above mentioned studies and that a so-called beepocalypse declared in 2013 was called off due to bee populations surging since 2006 rather than declining, it will not prevent or halt efforts on the part of environmentalists to continue to seek prohibiting neonicotinoid and other pesticides that are used to fend off insects and other pests from infesting crop yields that feed people. Environmentalists hate human beings and the best way to speed up the demise of the human race is to attack the one thing that helps sustain and enhance human populations: our food supply.

Rid the planet of pesticides and the result is lower food crop production since farms that grow fruits and vegetables have a harder time preventing insects from consuming crop yields. This, in turn, results in reduced crop production which leads to hunger, starvation, and ultimately death.