Monsanto research center bombed in Italy

During Easter, a Monsanto research facility was bombed with several small, explosive incendiary devices (ex: Molotov cocktails) in Olmeneta, Italy. According to Science magazine the attack was done to protest GMO research.

Fortunately, no one was hurt but a section of the laboratories that contained experimental seeds was nearly destroyed. Damage estimated by the center’s manager puts it in the hundreds of thousands of Euros. The terrorist who bombed the laboratory fled after two of the four devices he used did not detonate and left behind a graffiti message saying Bayer criminal marriage. No GMO.

Environmentalists behind slander campaigns and outright terrorist attacks like this against GMO’s and organizations that fund and manufacture them have blood on their hands. They have contributed to the untimely demise of thousands of innocent people with their words and activities.

For example, after Europe banned exporting GMO’s to third world countries, the result has been massive starvations and death. Terrorist attacks conducted by environmentalists against companies like Monsanto and their facilities used in the research and manufacture of bio-techological foods is as much an assault on our food supply as much as it is grounded in environmentalist’s hatred not only of science but also human life.