Dilbert takes swipe at climate alarmists

Back in February, Dilbert cartoonist Scott Adams published a post on his blog expressing doubt about the certainty of predictions made by climate scientists claiming that climate change is human induced. While science can make accurate predictions and conclusions with testable hypothesis along with observation, sadly, when it is politicized, the science field in question gets worse. Scientific fields then degenerate into a tag team game with each side jockeying for credibility in the public sphere based on which political party achieves power.

However, Adams’ comic isn’t just commentary on the politicization of science, but also how ugly the climate science field and climate change debate has gotten since it came to the forefront of public policy. The result is a hilarious comic strip that appeared on Sunday in which Adams decided to simultaneously make fun of Dr. Michael Mann of Hockey Stick chart fame. You can see Adams’ work in its entirety here.