Sexy Hunter’s freezing adventure!

A couple of years ago, a Czechoslovakian woman by the name of Michaela Fialova (aka the Sexy hunter) drew the ire of animal rights activists after posting photos of her with a wide variety of animals she made into her trophies. As reported by the UK Daily Mirror, she posted dozens of selfies on her Facebook page with the lions, monkeys, zebras and a wild boar Michaela successfully shot. Animal rights activists not only undertook a petition drive to ban her from Facebook but they also sought to have her prohibited from entering Africa.

Michaela has hunted since she was 13 years old, is very passionate and has no intention of giving up her love of hunting in which she is quoted as saying on her Facebook page: Nothing beats the feeling of hunting your own dinner in the wild. And hunting is fun! She also doesn’t mind the scorn directed at her and seems to enjoy the controversy. She said one time to her critics: Hey antis, do you really think this will stop me???? 😀 I WILL NEVER STOP HUNTING!!!! Michaela is not only sexy as hell but is also a kick boxer, trainer and a guide for European hunting excursions.

Below is a hunt she and a friend of hers go on a hunting excursion in Camp Lapponia, Sweden.


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