Environmentalists seek to obstruct mayo factory expansion

The parent company of Hellmans and Best Foods mayonnaise (Unilever) broke ground on an expansion of their production facility near Chicago recently. According to the Chicago Tribune, the company’s present factory employs 200 people, but when the expansion is complete the facilities will have the potential to create 80 to 120 new jobs.

Not surprisingly, a local environmentalist group named Little Village Environmental Justice Organization is opposed to the construction. The organization claims the factory and warehouse annexes will be too close to a nearby elementary school. A spokesperson for the green group spoke in the usual double speak. She stated that they recognize Unilever’s right to expand but it can’t pose a risk to the children. It’s for the children, they say!

The environmentalists opposed to Unilver’s expansion is about obstructionism and nothing more. Stop the construction of existing or new buildings with the end goal of destroying capitalism. They will use whatever means necessary including holding up children’s lives as a reason to stop progress. Never mind the Unilever went through the necessary approvals which include an environmental impact study.

In the meantime, when it comes to Unilever or any company seeking to expand or new construction in general: build, baby, build!