Pure, naked leftist violence

The tragic shooting that occurred in Alexandria, Virginia on Wednesday is an indication that the country has been in a political civil war since about the middle of the Obama Administration. It has now gone from cold to hot and, sadly, the violence against conservatives and libertarians is going to get worse. Elements of the left have been calling for violence for a long time and now it looks the rest of the people on that side of the aisle have bought in to it.

Just yesterday an man in Indiana was shot at because he flew a Make America Great Again flag on his truck. Back in February, it was reported up to 12,000 tweets were issued calling for the assassination of President Donald Trump. More recently, a number of leftist journalists have said the Republicans that got shot deserved it. The left hasn’t been violent since the 1960’s and it used to be the Right was the violent faction in which religious fringe groups used to call for killing abortion doctors. Now, leftists are probably going to make the 1960’s riots and Weathermen bombings look like walks in the park. Most likely this is due to their hatred of dissent.

In a general sense, true believers of collectivism can be prone to conduct violence and that is the reason why ideologues will assault and even kill their political opponents since true believers subscribe to irrational, utopian ideals. The below video was taken from the scene of the Alexandria shooting and it is posted in hopes of not only deterring more aggression but also as a way to demonstrate the nakedness of violence against political opponents. No matter how much you may disagree with someone’s political views, violence against people you disagree with or who have different ideas is wrong. Ultimately, the call to resist the President is a cry for insurrection and those shooting Republican legislators and Trump supporters have answered it.