Three battlefronts waged for green jihad

So far there are three other areas where environmentalists that stick out as significant areas of attack on mankind. Their successes mean that environmentalist polices will encroach on our lives in some way down the line if they are not stopped. It is not banter or hype to make this claim since it is a fact of reality.

As long as environmentalists are allowed to continue to operate unchecked they will grow in size and influence. Halting their actions does not and should not entail violence. Violence should only be used if the greens attack first or there is no alternative and it is very clear an environmentalist group or activist intends to commit violent aggression against an innocent party first.

On Wednesday, fashion designer Michael Kors had a function featuring him at the Met in New York City interrupted by animal rights activists who condemned Kors for using fur in his fashion products.

After preventing Brazil’s rainforests from development by successfully lobbying the country’s president to veto a bill that would allow it, environmentalists there are now setting their sites on preventing the passage of legislation that would repeal a 40 year old ban on mining on land 10,000 miles from Brazil’s western border.

Bloomberg reveals regions shut off from mining are said to be rich in a number of precious and industrial metals, including diamonds. Mining in the region would mean economic development where mines are set up and even more resources that can be used to better people’s lives. The mining would also grow Brazil’s economy and lift the country’s standard of living. However, wealthy environmentalists think they know better than Brazilians who want to work and make a better life for themselves.

New York City banned the use of wild animals in circus performances mid-week too. The target of the ban is UniverSoul circus who uses zebras and elephants in its shows. Already there is talk among council members of extending the six month deadline which may mean the city wasn’t serious, but PETA is cheering the move anyway.

Of note was the New York Daily News quoting Councilman Andy King (D-Bronx) who voted against the ordinance in which he said: Watch out, Bronx Zoo, you’re next. In a column for The Huffington Post, one environmentalist bragged more animal bans are on the way.

These are three examples demonstrating the kinds of activities environmentalists are involved in. They may seem minor but it demonstrates the religious zeal environmentalists conduct themselves in which their end goal is to make life a living hell on Earth for humans. Each of their actions entails sacrificing the needs of mankind to nature and each victory means mankind loses. Environmentalist activism entails singling out, harassment or political lobbying and the moral crime is it is all are geared to depreciating mankind’s quality of life. Environmentalist’s quality of life is enhanced at the expense of people other than them.