How environmentalists obstruct California’s water supply

A lawsuit was filed in California two years ago that is geared to halt, not only the construction of new infrastructure for the Golden State’s water supply, but also prevent a means to help protect an endangered species which affects the state’s water supply too. It perfectly demonstrates environmentalist’s hostility to making people’s lives better.

Prior to Independence Day, in conjunction with the California Sportsfishing Protection Alliance, a group of environmentalists filed a lawsuit against California’s State Water Resources Control Board, state Department of Water Resources and U.S. Bureau of Reclamation. According to The Sacramento Bee, the suit was filed because both groups accused the agencies of channeling water based on human needs at the expense of Chinook salmon, Delta smelt and other endangered species. The Sac Bee also points out:

The suit revolves around the federal and state government’s management of the Central Valley Project and State Water Project, the two man-made plumbing networks that bring supplies to farms and cities primarily south of the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta. Simply put, water flowing through the Delta is split. Some of it is pumped through an elaborate system to deliver water to CVP and SWP customers. Much of the rest flows out to the ocean and helps protect the fish populations.

Over the past two years, the water board has redirected additional waters to the CVP and SWP. The lawsuit says that must stop. “The CVP and SWP projects rely on the state board to bail them out by relaxing (environmental) standards and reducing water flows crucial to water quality and healthy and reproducible fisheries,” the suit says.

The suit says that while some fish species are “on the lip of extinction,” agriculture has proved resilient despite cutbacks in water. It noted that crop revenue and farm employment have stayed high during the drought. “Central Valley agriculture has not experienced impacts comparable to the precipitous declines suffered by the Delta smelt,” the suit says.

This case boils down to a conflict between civilization and the needs of nature. Endangered species rules are being used to block a human needs for water to maintain the habitats of fish deemed endangered but can be bred independently removing the need for endangered species laws. This is a perfect demonstration of environmentalist ethics, that human beings are to be sacrificed for the needs of nature.

Environmentalist groups get massive amounts of money and could put people’s donations to use to implement preserves for species, like the delta smelt, so water from places like the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta could be used for California resident’s water needs. The revealing reason for the two groups having filed this suit goes to show that they and other environmentalists like them care little for human beings and will use endangered species laws to achieve their anti-human aims.

PHOTO CREDIT: Delta smelt, Native to the Sacramento–San Joaquin River Delta region of northern California. By Peterson, B. Moose / U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service – [1], Public Domain,