Environmentalists and moral shaming

With all of the doom-and-gloom purported by environmentalists they have very little to show in terms of actual accomplishments. That is the basis of an interesting commentary by Shakia Dalma at Reason magazine.

Despite their success in getting climate change and renewable energy policies enacted, they have experienced setbacks such as President Trump’s withdrawing from the Paris Climate accords. As Dalma points out, the group is more interested in moral condemnation and controlling behavior rather than winning people’s hearts and minds.

Instead of treating global warming like a problem that needs to be addressed regardless of what caused it, the green left has been more obsessed with establishing humanity’s culpability and embracing ever more extreme and painful mitigation steps, as if they were more concerned with punishing the perpetrators than solving the problem.

Global warming guru Al Gore in 1992 called for the elimination of the internal combustion engine from the planet in 25 years. But the accursed engine is nowhere close to going away given that auto sales (and not hybrids and electrics) are projected to grow for decades to come. Many environmentalists want to eradicate fossil fuels. This will never happen—or at least won’t happen for a long, long time—especially in emerging economies that need cheap fuel to spur development and deliver decent living standards.

Undeterred, liberals are now saying that we should save the planet by having fewer kids, each of whom creates 58 tons of carbon dioxide each year (more for American parents). This is a ludicrous suggestion that will further drive a wedge between middle-class Americans who live for their families and yuppie, green Americans who live for the environment.

The flaw with Dalma’s logic is that she assumes that environmentalists are well meaning but misguided. Environmentalists are wing of the political left which is a utopian-oriented political movement grounded in religious faith. The fact that greens so often blame humans, condemn their activities and take action to curb sources of energy, like fossil fuels, demonstrates they are not interested in practical solutions but human detriment.