Environmentalist hyperventilates when asked a simple question

Back in December, journalist and Fox News talk show host Tucker Carlson interviewed California Democrat Congressional candidate and environmentalist Erin Schrode.

After President Trump was named Person of the Year by Time magazine, Erin Schrode made comments on Twitter underhandedly comparing the President to Adolf Hitler and accusing Trump of engaging in hate speech. During the interview, Schrode also took issue with the President’s then nominee for the Environmental Protection Agency Scott Pruitt. She alleged his policies of relaxing environmental rules could lead to people being poisoned by pollution, mercury and arsenic.

Tucker turns the tables on Schrode revealing how, in fact, people like her are the ones engaging in hate speech. The result is a well deserved meltdown on her part. This is a tactic leftists use known as projection. It involves a leftist, in this case Erin Schrode, making accusations against their opponents of views they, in fact, harbor.