The next wave of Leftist violence: environmentalists

Despite the recent violence with Leftist black block terrorists (aka ANTIFA) and Black Lives Matter racists, according to an op-ed by Foreign Policy, the next group of terrorists waiting in the wings to take their place are environmentalists.

The opinion piece by author Jamie Bartlett makes a harrowing case that the greens going from peaceful protesters and lobbyists to Monkey Wrench Gang or Weathermen terrorists is not too far off. In his commentary Barlett states:

The necessary conditions for the radicalization of climate activism are all in place. Some groups are already showing signs of making the transition. And when they do, we may be ill-equipped for handling these new green hard-liners.

Radicals of all types share certain characteristics. According to Peter Neumann, the director of the International Centre for the Study of Radicalisation and Political Violence (ICSR) and author of Der Terror ist unter uns (“The Terror Is Among Us”), people who become radicalized typically have a “sense of grievance” — sometimes real, sometimes perceived — and a belief that legitimate channels for redress are shut off, inaccessible, or ineffective. There is also usually a social element, in the form of a charismatic preacher or ideology, that spurs people to seek emotional fulfillment through otherwise forbidden methods for redemption.

Despite their achieving some victories of notoriety, according to Bartlett, such as the (ahem) success of Bernie Sanders’ Presidential campaign and the alleged profitability of renewable energy sources, environmentalists are still frustrated due to, what they consider to be, a lack of overall success in curbing climate change (including increased carbon dioxide attributed to human activity), mankind’s continued use of fossil fuels and the Fifth Mass Extinction greens claim is taking place resulting in the loss of hundreds of animal species in the next three years.

Bartlett also points out:

The signs of growing radicalism in green circles are already there, if you know where to look. While researching for my recent book, Radicals Chasing Utopia, I spent time with Earth First!, a hard-line environmentalist group founded in the southwestern United States but with cells all over the world. It is enjoying a resurgence precisely because of its promises of “no compromise in defense of Mother Earth.” Longtime members told me that they’ve never seen this level of interest or frustration; it was clear from my time with them that, along with hardened old-timers, Earth First! has attracted loads of young people getting involved for the first time, all of whom had a sense that something needed to be done and fast.

Visit any of the environmentalist websites or blogs and you’ll find an endless run of protests, demos, marches, and planned civil disobedience. Something is stirring. According to a representative I recently spoke to from Friends of the Earth, an environmentalist group with chapters across the world, local anti-fracking groups have grown faster than anything he has ever witnessed in the green movement.

The recent violence conducted by environmentalists and Standing Rock Indian tribe members at the North Dakota Access Pipeline (NDAP) a short time ago demonstrate Bartlett’s hypothesis has come validity to it. The terrorists at the NDAP construction site not only conducted violence against construction workers, security and police but even tried to sabotage construction equipment. The terrorism still continues with sections of NDAP and other pipelines being vandalized recently as well.

It is looking like law enforcement officials are concerned as indicated by the release of a report issued by the Department of Homeland Security in April. The manuscript forewarns of aggression by eco-terrorists who when it comes to projects such as the Diamond Pipeline, which will will be constructed from Oklahoma to Tennessee. The groups opposed to the pipeline have promised a protest similar to the one in North Dakota.

Environmentalist groups have declared an all out war on mankind. With the recent election of Donald Trump and his reversing many of the policies of his predecessors along with his refusal to back down, the Left has concluded they have lost the culture and have collectively decided to throw off all constraints since their efforts at peaceful change through persuasion and political lobbying have been useless.

As has been stated before, Leftists have not been radicalized, they are radicals and they (along with environmentalists) are not misguided but purely evil. The recent increase in violence on the part of Leftist organizations in places, like Charlottesville,Virginia, and this forecast by Jaime Barlett of environmentalist groups on the verge of becoming violent, reveals the Left is widening or will soon widen their scope of violence against the system they oppose: capitalism.

Hopefully, federal, state and local authorities will be able to stop Leftist violence before it gets out of hand. Like it or not, the United States is embroiled in a second civil war and it is time for people to face that fact. Now is not the time for complacency since we stand to lose the civilization we have along with the freedoms we cherish.