Tucker Carlson guest uses postmodernism to try to rewrite NFL narrative

Last night, Fox News host Tucker Carlson had a fascinating debate with attorney Monique Pressley. During their exchange, Pressley started off by saying President Trump was being intentionally racist by criticizing NFL players for protesting during the national anthem.

Carlson countered that it was, in fact, CNN reporters like Chris Cuomo that were inciting racial violence as he seemed to do during a news report on the topic of Donald Trump’s condemning the NFL Thursday. Pressely said she wasn’t interested in how Cuomo’s incitement terrified people since, in her view, minorities are terrified constantly. Indirectly Pressley seemed to imply the people terrified by CNN’s incitement brought it on themselves.

Pressley also indirectly to referred to Colin Kaepernick when she said one brave man who decided to take a knee for social justice. After Tucker Finished with Pressley, he had another guest on who took Pressley to task in which she then was brought back on to respond in which, not surprisingly, she tried to dominate the entire conversation.

In this entire segment the difference between modernism (objectivity) and postmodernism (subjectivity) is laid bare. What Ms. Pressley does is similar to the mindset of environmentalists who believe reality is subjective and, borrowing from Friedrich Nietzsche who said, There are no facts, only differences of opinion.