Western Civility Not Left-Wing Savagery

The Left’s origins were a reaction to the Enlightenment, in which the fountainhead of their movement is Jean-Jacques Rousseau. The Left is fundamentally opposed to rationality as evidenced by their hostility to science, technology and, civilization. Instead they teach that primitive cultures (i.e. the barbaric or savage) are the ideal human condition. Regardless if it… Read More Western Civility Not Left-Wing Savagery

It Happened Again

Last year, a couple from the state of Washington quit their jobs and decided to do a world-wide cycling trek across the world to not only spread goodwill but to prove that evil doesn’t exist. During their journey, the two were tragically murdered at the hands of blood thirsty, ISIS terrorists. Paul Joseph Watson reveals… Read More It Happened Again

The Uncivil Left Reveals Their Strategy

Tucker Carlson points out the Left’s strategy and their attempt to distract from their true intent by making their violent mobs out to be an illusion. That probably means the protesters of the Keystone Pipeline are probably and illusion too.

Shocking! Leaked Anti-President Trump Google Tape Scandal!

Recently Breitbart News published shocking leaked footage of a major Google meeting following the 2016 presidential election where company executives revealed their bias against President Donald Trump. Stefan Molyneux reviews the article, video and gives commentary about the recording and overall issues raised by the leaked footage. Google has made efforts to silence climate skeptics,… Read More Shocking! Leaked Anti-President Trump Google Tape Scandal!

Stefan Molyneux Speech in Australia

Freedomainradio host Stefan Molyneux recently delivered a great speech in Melbourne, Australia issuing a clarion call to defend Western Civilization. He also condemns Leftist ideas such as postmodernism and The Noble Savage or primitivism promoted by environmentalists. Watch it and cheer!

How Postmodernism Ultimately Leads to Nihilism

In this clip, Stephen Hicks talks about postmodernism, its nihilistic tendencies and the psychological motivation of postmodernists. He gives very good insights as to why the Left may have become violent. It isn’t just because they lost, it’s because their vision has been shattered and they want revenge against their enemies.

How Failed Marxist Predictions Led to the Postmodern Left

Stephen Hicks is a Canadian-American philosopher who teaches at Rockford University, where he also directs the Center for Ethics and Entrepreneurship. In 2004 he wrote Explaining Postmodernism: Skepticism and Socialism from Rousseau to Foucault. In this clip, he talks about what Marxism is, how it failed, and how the need for a new left movement… Read More How Failed Marxist Predictions Led to the Postmodern Left