Environmentalists are to blame for California wildfires

Fifteen wildfires are tearing through California’s wine country with well over 20,000 people forced to evacuate Napa, Sonoma and Yuba counties. The destruction in these areas has been massive in which, tragically, 10 people are dead and over 100 injured.

In light of this near conflagration, a curious article was published last month by The Daily Caller citing a Washington Post report. The article reveals environmentalist groups are lobbying to obstruct proposed legislation that would reform the US Forest Service’s policies in order to prevent forest fires.

However, environmentalist organizations (like the so-called Center for Biological Diversity) are lobbying against the legislation claiming it would favor the logging industry. Congress is resorting to passing a bill on this subject since environmentalist groups have thwarted the USFS from changing its current forest fire fighting policies of drawing from forest management funds when firefighting suppression revenue dries up with lawsuits.

Legislation proposed by US Senator Ron Wyden of Oregon and The US House has a similar bill that would also allow for thinning forests so as to get rid of dead trees which contribute fuel to forest fires. Conducting forest management involving thinning forests would reduce incidents like the present California wildfires. But, not surprisingly, environmentalists are opposed to such efforts now like they have in the past.

As a result of environmentalist campaigns, this will lead to massive property damage and loss of life. Environmentalists, however, will not relent and obviously prefer people to be killed and their lifestyles destroyed since greens view humans as a cancer on the Earth. People whose lives have been ruined by forest fires should direct their venom and criticism at organizations like the Center for Biological Diversity since they made it all possible.