Greenpeace uses fake survey to scold tech giants into using “renewable energy”

A report issued by Greenpeace Tuesday stating that technology giants such as Samsung Electronics, Amazon and Huawei low scores for their environmental impact. The study mainly cited the corporate greenhouse gas emissions resulting from product assembly and supply chains. According to The Tribune:

Samsung Electronics received a grade of D in its use of renewable energy, which accounted for just 1 percent of its manufacturing process, compared with Apple, which relied on renewable energy for 96 percent of its operation. Samsung, the world’s largest maker of smartphones and key component suppliers of many of the tech companies featured in the report, saw its greenhouse gas emissions rise 24 percent in 2016 from two years ago. It also received low marks on its efforts to reduce and disclose hazardous chemicals at workplaces and to design long-lasting products.

The report also said:

Chinese smartphone makers Huawei, Xiaomi, Oppo and Vivo have gained a significant share of the market in the last few years. They scored below average in all categories and lacked transparency and commitment in renewable energy, the report said.

Amazon was the only U.S. company that received the lowest mark, an F, in its overall environmental performance, along with the Chinese phone makers. Greenpeace said Amazon was among the least transparent companies and did not report the greenhouse gas footprint of its own operations.

The whole point of the phony survey is to try to cajole computer manufacturers into converting to using renewable energy (read: shut down). Renewable energy is an environmentalist farce geared to force industrialized countries and companies to revert back Colonial or even pre-historic times when candles were used for light and fires were used for warmth.

The end goal is to contribute to ridding the world of humans since by reducing our quality of life it makes life not only unbearable for humans but also more dangerous exposing mankind more to the dangers of nature such as extreme heat, cold or even animal attacks. We need more fossil fuel use, not less.

Photo Credit:A painting of the Luddites.