Rescue and adopt a Tennessee football fan today

The people behind the college football website Front Porch Football have posted a hilarious video that parodies the ASPCA commercial showing dogs and cats in animal shelters featuring the song In the Arms of an Angel by the singer and songwriter Sarah McLachlan who also appears in it.

The video is a way to troll University of Tennessee football fans for the losses their football team, Volunteers, have suffered this season.

Will you be an angel for a helpless Tennessee Volunteer fan? the narrator says. Every day, innocent Tennessee fans are abused, beaten, neglected, and they’re crying out for help. Please, call the number on your screen with a monthly gift right now. In lieu of a monetary gift, you can help rescue Volunteers from their emotional distraught and instability with a simple pat on the back, a hearty handshake, or an embracing hug.

You can watch the video here.