Jane Goodall’s human guilt unhinged

The claim by environmentalists that humans are destroying the planet is rooted in the Catholic doctrine of original sin. According to environmentalists, literally from the moment humans are born, they start destroying the planet Earth just for bending nature to preserve and even enhance their lives. Environmentalists take it upon themselves to act as clergy or an elite class not only condemning humans but acting as agents on behalf of Gaia or mother Earth to exact tribute in order for mankind to make penance for their sin.

Another reminder of environmentalist’s irrational and evil mindset was revealed in an article in today’s edition of USA Today. British conservationist Jane Goodall is quoted making unhinged remarks that mankind must act now to save the Earth from the destruction human beings have wrought pillaging the planet before it is too late. From the article:

“We’re seeing extraordinary problems everywhere,” said Goodall,who became an international celebrity for her groundbreaking study of chimpanzees in Africa in the 1960s. In an interview with USA TODAY, she cited climate change, destruction of wildlife habitats and depletion of natural resources, among other concerns.

“It just seems there are forces tamping down on Mother Nature,” Goodall, 83, said, referring to the Trump administration, the government in her native United Kingdom and other countries around the world that are poor guardians of the environment.

“People seem either not to realize or are determined not to bother,” she said, “but the fact is, this planet has finite natural resources and they’re being treated as though they’ll go on forever.”

“It’s absolutely clear that if we carry on as business as usual, then for my great, great grandchildren, the world will be very different. We may not even be on it anymore,” she added.

If Goodall was to accept blame for her irrational conclusions that would be a choice she would make. In this instance she sees it fit to use the vehicle of her popularity to act as a termite seeking to eat away at the moral fabric of Western civilization. In essence preferring the tyranny of guilt over rational discourse and discussion.

In the eyes of people like Goodall there is no amount of effort humans can do to absolve themselves of the sin of existence. At best our bending nature and the prosperity as well as heightened standard of living is all the more reason to ignore these prophets of doom and gloom. Thankfully, in recent years, it looks like we in the West have.

This is not to say humans cannot be reckless or make mistakes. However, it is one thing to point out errors in logic and another to lay blame where it is not warranted. It is no coincidence that developed countries have healthier populations and cleaner environments than those that do not.

But, in an attempt to redistribute our wealth, environmentalists, like Goodall, believe people in developed countries have a duty to be the keeper of under-developed nations. Thankfully, people in the West (by and large) reject the idea of accepting blame for events and results we have no control over and have not contributed to.