UK think tank discovers links to environmentalist and anti-population groups

Philanthropy plays a vital role in funding environmentalist causes. The green movement has a elaborate array of foundations and other non-profits that enable environmentalist groups to conduct the numerous operations they undertake.

Most recently, environmentalist groups have taken it upon themselves to actively oppose development and extracting resources, even where it is legal to do so. Scholars at the UK think tank named Energy & Environment Legal Institute (E&E Legal) decided to look into who could be behind environmentalist group’s efforts and were shocked by what they uncovered.

In a op-ed at The Washington Examiner, E&E Legal President Craid Richardson reveals:

E&E Legal released new research that details how major environmental nongovernment organizations (ENGOs) both in the U.S. and U.K. are being funded by a few ultra-wealthy population control extremists in the U.S, but influencing policy on both sides of the Atlantic. This new report from E&E Legal and the U.K.-based Taxpayers’ Alliance details how billionaires like Fred Stanback, heir to the Stanback headache powder fortune, are quietly funding ENGOs to further his controversial ideological agenda.

ENGOs like the Asheville-based Dogwood Alliance, and the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), which are active in both the U.K. and U.S. have received significant funding from another nonprofit, the Foundation For The Carolinas (FFTC), a nonprofit “community foundation.” As the new report details, Stanback and other extremists are funneling donations through the FFTC because the FFTC administers donor-directed funds. That fund structure offers Stanback control over the distribution of hundreds of millions of dollars from the FFTC.

What is especially concerning is that beneath the FFTC’s community-centric focus lies significant donations to fringe anti-immigrant and population control groups, channeled from Stanback via the FFTC.

You can read the essay in its entirety here.

For environmental activist groups, millions of dollars of funding that has been publicly documented for years in IRS filings continues to tie back to the FFTC, and through the FFTC, the donations of Mr. Stanback. Recently, a new website, aimed at outing the organizations and individuals funding campaigns to end DACA named both Stanback and FFTC among their network of funders and facilitators.

Political activism using non-profits is nothing new. But this report raises moral questions about the intent of groups and the sources that fund them.

Howewever, environmentalists are anti-human and anti-life to the core and their network is an extension of the belief that humans are a cancer on the face of the Earth that must be extinguished. Such Machiavellian maneuvering is, their mind, justified if one takes into account their end goal.

The green’s support of population control isn’t just based on the Malthusian idea that resources are limited, but it is also a way to demonize mankind including the human mind. Reason is man’s means of survival and it is by thinking and reasoning that humans are able to develop ideas in order live and prosper.