Are Islamic terrorists training Leftist activists?

During late October, Townhall had an article citing a book authored by Ed Klein stating an FBI investigation uncovered collaboration between far Left activists and Islamic terrorist organizations. The ties were revealed as part of the FBI’s investigation of the so-called Resistance movement that began after the election of Donald Trump as President of the United States.

The article also raised possibility that Leftists are being trained by Islamic terrorist groups. This as part of a potential plot to soon rein destruction down on the United States similar to what the Weather Underground did during the late 1960’s and early to mid 70’s.

However, one of this website’s readers responded to a post that raised this issue on October 30th. The reader said he discussed this topic during a recent social function and was overheard by someone who used to teach military officers about terrorist groups around the world.

The trainer pointed out that ISIS is considered a novice among Islamic terrorist organizations and it is unlikely Muslim terrorists are training Leftist activists. Muslim groups tend to stick with their own, although the expert did admit it is very probable that there is growing collaboration among Shi’ite and Sunni terrorist cells. This despite ideological differences and past hostilities, since both Islamic sects officially consider one another as heretics. If any Leftists were to undergo training with Islamic terrorists, the expert said, they would be required to convert to Islam and executed if they refuse.

The reader stated, and said the terrorist expert confirmed, that if Leftists are being trained it is probably being conducted by the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP). The PFLP is a violent Marxist-Leninist organization that was founded in 1967 and was part of Yasser Arafat’s Palestinian Liberation Organization. Not only does the PFLP conduct terrorist attacks, they have a history of training and even recruiting Leftist insurgents such as members Japanese Red Army and the German Baader Meinhof organization to carry out acts of terrorism.

According to one terrorist watch website, the PFLP has increased its operations since 2003, including conducting suicide bombings and joint missions with Islamic terrorist factions. However, despite the PFLP losing a major source of revenue with the collapse of the Soviet Union, they are still a factor as evidenced when gunmen linked to the PFLP attacked a Jerusalem synagogue three years ago resulting in the deaths of four people.

Despite this minor detail, it still does not detract from the overall point that Leftist activists are probably being trained by professional terrorist groups and may be preparing to strike at any given moment. A time when Leftist terrorism will, most likely, break out in the United States will either result from an economic crisis or the re-election of Donald Trump to the Presidency of the United States.

Below is a Japanese Red Army propaganda film that shows the JRA and PFLP training in Lebanon toward the end.