PETA “human barbecue” is really about killing humans

People for the Extortion, Torture and Abuse of human beings (PETA) is well known for their trolling efforts and their latest publicity stunt will undoubtedly get them and their message lots of time and attention.

But what will be left out is the overall message behind the symbolism of the event. The News Minute reveals PETA sponsored a human barbecue at at Kanakakunnu Palace gate in Thiruvananthapuram, India on Friday. A woman playing dead laid on top of a fake barbecue in a costume while being cooked in which her suit made her out to be bloodied and charred.

A spokesperson for the group claims that the event was organized to make the case for a vegan diet. But the symbolism of the event is really about the group signalling they prefer human deaths to animals and PETA would be glad to dish out barbecued human flesh at their earliest opportunity.

That is the symbolism behind many other of PETA’s efforts. For example, four years ago, the group released a video of a little boy being subjected to a turkey slaughter. Additionally, PETA has a history of financing the defense of Animal Liberation Front and other eco-terrorists, while their head, Ingrid Newkirk_ has openly expressed hopes for human deaths and considers humans (such as herself) a cancer on the planet. Statements, to this day, she has not retracted, expressed regret nor has Newkirk made any attempt to lead by example.

The ethics PETA demonstrates are indicative of the views of just about every so-called animal rights group. PETA history and symbolism of events like Kerala really should be taken as a subtle reminder that PETA will continue their efforts to kill off humans. It may take a little time (cooking) but eventually they will get there.