Environmentalist new-age medicine killed Ezekiel Stephan

Despite warnings from his attorneys not to do so, David Stephan decided to lash out at the Canadian justice system on his Facebook page for being convicted for treating his meningitis-inflicted 19-month old son, Ezekiel, with a maple syrup elixir and a host of other pseudo-medicinal remedies. Stephan also has expressed anti-vaccine sentiments.

This came after a Canadian appeals court upheld his conviction for gross negligence in his son’s death. According to CBC, even though Ezekiel was stiff as a board, Stephan refused to seek medical care for his son.

Fortunately, his wife is pregnant with another child, but the fact that David Stephan decided to resort to false medical treatment should give any parent pause. Hopefully, Stephan will learn from his mistake while serving his four month sentence.

The tragedy of Ezekiel Stephan’s death isn’t just the result of his parents being mislead by false information, but another death that environmentalists can chalk up in their quest to extinguish humans. The circumstances surrounding Ezekiel’s untimely demise are also an example of how medical quackery and anti-vaccine views (both of which are heavily influenced by environmentalists) often go hand-in-hand.