“Futurama” episode parodies climate change, slams Al Gore

Futurama‘s 2002 episode Crimes of the Hot was pitched at the time as being a vehicle to highlight the perils of human-induced climate change. After seeing the episode again tonight, it is abundantly clear the show is a spoof of the entire subject. The episode also serves as a warning of the true intent of environmentalists pushing the man-made climate change religion.

Best of all, Al Emperor of the Moon Gore used a portion of this episode in his film An Inconvenient Truth and makes cameo appearances in not one, but five episodes, of the show. The only parts of Crimes of the Hot he left out of his movie not only were the segments that made Gore out to be an incompetent fool, but the remedy to reduce carbon emissions that were trapping greenhouse gases: kill all the robots!

In other words, shut down the industrial economy and a large part of mankind will die soon after. It is surprising, in many ways, that Al Gore’s daughter, Kristin, was not only a script writer for the show but also participated in the table read of the Crimes of the Hot script.

According to Wikipedia the entire installment is supposed to make the case for man-made climate change. In reality, it helped the opposition by demonstrating how ridiculous the conclusions surrounding the entire issue are. Al Gore was never serious about man-made climate change to begin with, and this is one piece of evidence that proves it. It is no wonder that Crimes of the Hot did not receive the 2002 Environmental Media Award.

If you have any doubts, check out this Futurama trailer for Gore’s movie. A terrifying message from Al Gore indeed!