Scientists at NYC history museum want conservative female board member purged

Rebekah Mercer is a conservative donor, a supporter of President Donald Trump and serves on the board of New York City’s prestigious science museum, the American Museum of Natural History. Because of her support of the Heartland Institute and Heritage Foundation, Ms. Mercer is not only under pressure to step down from the museum’s board of directors but a crusade is underway to have her kicked out.

According to The New York Times, a letter signed by 200 scientists (among them Dr. Michael Mann of the long debunked Hockey Stick chart fame) was publicly released urging the museum to end ties to anti-science propagandists and funders of climate science misinformation.

During 2015, The Times states a similar drive took place that resulted in successfully removing 23-year museum trustee billionaire David Koch. However, the museum stressed that trustees and donors do not decide museum educational content, scientists and educators do.

Despite this, the movement to remove Ms. Mercer and the previous campaign that ousted David Koch are very telling. It’s clear that the scientists and other activists involved in the crusade to kick out prefer to only associate with people from their climate alarmist tribe.

Despite Mercer’s inability to influence museum educational content, this only goes to show the overall weakness of their position on climate change. If there is a consensus of 97 percent of scientists that human activity is the cause of climate change then Ms. Mercer’s presence on the American Museum of Natual History’s board makes no difference.

With this scheme to demonize and kick out Rebekah Mercer from the New York City museum’s central committee, it’s obvious that there no consensus on whether or not humans cause climate change. All the people behind the attempt to purge Ms. Mercer want to do is see to it that people are indoctrinated and not presented the facts or different scientific conclusions.