Animal “rights” groups whine about Orcas being taught to speak human words

A 16 year old female Orca in France named Wikie that is located at Marineland Aquarium in Antibes, France has been taught to learn English words as part of an experiment to find out whether killer whales could learn new vocalizations while copying others.

However, Business Insider quotes animal rights groups such as People for the Extortion, Torture and Abuse of human beings (PETA) as saying doing so is cruel and inhumane. Many of the groups state that Wikie’s repeating English words is her way of saying they don’t want to be held in captivity.

One activist went so far as to state that the news coverage of Wikie’s verbal feats is a way to distract from the horrors of her captivity. This claim despite the fact that the Orca has been born and remained in captivity since 2001. All of the groups crying for Wikie’s so-called freedom all say in lockstep she should be released. Never mind, of course, that if she was Wikie would die shortly after being let go.

Many animal rights rights groups, like PETA, don’t just want to prohibit or stop humans from using them for experiments or entertainment. Consistent with their sick ,Better off dead mentality, they think that animals held in human captivity or used by humans in some way are tainted, therefore, said animal(s) should ultimately die. This, in theory, means there are less animals for humans to use for their betterment and results in humans having less meaningful and depressing lives.

Below is a video featuring recordings of many Orcas repeating English words.