Scientists: GMO’s Are Definitely Safe

After conducting a meta-analysis of over 6000 peer-reviewed manuscripts that detail 21 years of research on the effects of genetically modified corn, scientists out of the University of Pisa, Italy have determined that GMO’s are completely safe. The EconoTimes reports:

“The results support the cultivation of GE maize, mainly due to enhanced grain quality and reduction of human exposure to mycotoxins. Furthermore, the reduction of the parasitoid of the target and the lack of consistent effects on other NTOs [non-target organisms] are confirmed,” the study reads.

As Futurism points out, much of the anti-GMO sentiment is fueled by misinformation by environmentalists. It also doesn’t help that there are some food companies willing to cash-in on the irrational fears of people by calling their products organic or all-natural in order to distance themselves from GMO companies like Monsanto.

While this is supposedly and hopefully the final chapter in the scientific world that is supposed to settle the science of GMO’s, will it convince opponents? Not in the least.

Slander campaigns and even terrorist attacks conducted by environmentalists against GMO manufacturing companies, like Monsanto, and their facilities used in the research and manufacture of bio-techological foods is as much an assault on the human food supply as much as it is grounded in environmentalist’s hatred not only of science but also human life.

Diminish the respectability of science in the field of genetic modification of foods, then the reduced manufacture and then use of GMO’s occurs. This, in turn, results in more hunger and reduced nutrition available for humans. The end result is fewer people mostly accomplished by starvation, and that is exactly what environmentalist groups, like Greenpeace, want.