Anti-meat Thugs Intimidate Wisc. Grocery Shoppers

Anti-meat thugs decided to have a little fun intimidating shoppers at a Festival Foods in Madison, Wisconsin yesterday. According to the Wisconsin State Joural, while one of their ilk decided to play a guitar, Festival Food shoppers in the meat section were treated with such delightful rhetoric such as equating meat with murder and cow lives matter.

Prior to ending up across the street, the store manager said the animal rights punks blocked shoppers from approaching the meat section and instantly called police. She said it was the second time the same group showed up. The last stunt conducted in her store was on Thanksgiving when the same group chanted turkey lives matter.

Police met with the activists across the street from the store and were told in no uncertain terms they were no longer allowed in and would be charged with trespassing if they came back. Will that stop them in the future? Probably not. Some other people might come along whom they can manipulate or convince to conduct a similar act down the line.

Hopefully, actions like this will have the opposite effect and people who eat meat will have even more of a reason to do so in which there will be backlash to this. It is not cruelty to value human life over the life of an animal and as a species we have a moral right to exploit the Earth and its resources. That includes using animals for our betterment, be it companionship, entertainment, medical research and, most of all, consumption.