How Environmentalists Loot Your Life

Economist and author Stephen Moore has a hard-hitting, no nonsense commentary in The Washington Times entitled Cold Weather and Finger Pointing.

In it, Moore makes excellent observations on how environmentalist policies hit your home budget. In his op-ed, citing his book Fueling Freedom, Moore states:

Home heating and electric bills would be much cheaper still for poor families without so called renewable energy standards — pushed by greens and liberal politicians at the state and local levels.

The Manhattan Institute has found that states with these wind and solar mandates have had much larger hikes in utility costs than states without them. New York, which is revving up its green energy policies, charges its residents 40 percent more for electric power than the national average.

I’m still not done. Professor Bernard Weinstein of SMU has examined why utility prices have spiked so much in the Northeast. He found that “New England and New York are using imported liquefied natural gas (LNG), which is much more expensive than domestic gas, to satisfy nearly 20 percent of their heating and electric power needs. Some of this imported gas has come from Russia, despite current international sanctions.”

Imported natural gas? How can a nation with massive deposits of very cheap natural gas in places like the Marcelus shale in Pennsylvania and West Virginia be importing natural gas?

One reason is that we don’t have pipelines to transport the natural gas inexpensively to the Northeast. Environmentalists who hate oil and gas have spent years blocking this vital infrastructure — not just the Keystone Pipeline, but many others that should be transporting shale oil and gas efficiently across the country.

Basically, Moore correctly states, environmentalism is really a regressive tax, not just on the poor, but on the people themselves. Environmentalist policies of legal, political obstruction and outright terrorism, force you to pay for their green jihad at the point of purchase!

The entire environmentalist movement seeks to drag the entire civilized world into a new, pre-industrial dark age and their upcoming event, Earth Hour, is symbiolic of what they seek to accomplish. Below is an interview Stephen Moore gave on Fox News Channel four months before the historic election of President Donald Trump.

Stephen Moore’s point is that the environmentalist movement is a threat to the health, safety and well-being of mankind and it is a threat that must be stopped!

PHOTO CREDIT: Grenfell Tower fire in London. The edifice was renovated and pitched to be a model of environmental engineering until hundreds of people tragically lost their lives in a fire that consumed nearly the envire building.