Environmentalists Ratchet Up Attacks on Corsica Villas

Despite assurances by town officials that construction was being done in accordance with the law, environmentalists have vowed to halt construction of and seek demolition of six villas to be constructed near sea caves in the town of Peyia, Corsica.

According to Cyprus Mail, the controversy surrounds the villas location that environmentalists claim is near caves that are home to the endangered Mediterranean monk seal. The greens have not only conducted open protests in Cyprus’ capital Nicosia but also sent a letter of complaint to the European Commission demanding an investigation.

The planning and approval process involves the project to go through four different town committees before it was approved in May. But none of that matters to environmentalists with the Green Party who allege the project is located in the beach;s protection zone.

If they had their way, environmentalists would rather people live in shanty towns or in living conditions such as caves. To them, any attempts at development to better the lives of people in a given area or even overall is wrong if not literally a sin against Gaia. In the end, all endangered species law are for is to restrict or destroy mankind’s ability to bend nature to make people’s lives better.