Leftist Terrorists Attack Yaron Brook and Sargon of Akkad in UK

Since the election of Donald Trump, the attitude of Anti-Rand Institute intellectuals toward the present day culture and the President has been surreal. Not only have they surrendered or downplay key aspects of Objectivism’s morality, ARI has also decided to treat certain political positions, like immigration, as intrinsic. Instead of Objectivism being a philosophy of reason and rationality, ARI preaches #NeverTrumpism dressed in Objectivist and at times even Cultural Marxist rhetoric.

For example, author Ari Armstrong is tweeting out numerous statements supporting free trade with China, despite the fact that Ayn Rand condemned dictatorships like the Nazi Germany, Cuba, and the Soviet Union. After Italy’s elections where voters kicked out EU appointed socialist technocrats, Amy Peikoff tweeted in favor of the Italian Left and insulted Italians in the process. This on top of her constant rants against the President in which I have it on information she is fully backed by ARI.

On the other side at Sense of Life Objectivists in New Zealand, headed by Lindsay Perigo, it may not be much better. After ARI Board Chairman Yaron Brook and YouTube show host Sargon of Akkad were recently attacked by Leftist thugs at a political function at King’s College, London, Perigo posted that Brook brought it on himself!

Then there is the point of this post. Despite my strong disagreements with Yaron Brook, and other staff at the Ayn Rand Institute, they have a right to their views. They, like anyone else, should not be subjected to violence or intimidation. Despite what I may think of Brook, any other Objectivist or even what their reasons are for their anti-Trump campaign, I would not ever advocate or support violence or censorship against them nor blame the victim for being the subject of an attack, physical or otherwise. It was wrong for Perigo to blame Yaron Brook for the violence Brook was subjected to.

I would defend anyone’s opinions or conclusions to the death so long as they came to their conclusions freely and condemn anyone who thinks otherwise. Despite what anyone may think of Yaron Brook, he worked very hard to get where he is and I am sure people, such as Amy Peikoff and Ari Armstrong, did too. Their reputation has suffered damage from their anti-Trump efforts since the ARI’s last Objectivist conference bombed. If they keep it up, ARI could go the way of CNN or the Academy Awards.

Below is footage of the attack at the King’s College event is below. Be shocked and be angry, because this can happen to you too and it must be stopped. The West’s conflict is between the civilized and the uncivilized and this is the latest reminder of it.