Anti-Vaxx Mom Tries Emotional Blackmail on Daughter

Ideologues tend to not only seek to indoctrinate their kids and advocate their policies among family members and friends, but will also engage in emotional blackmail too. According to the UK Daily Mail, that is what happened when an anti-vaccine mother took to Facebook to relay her despair because her 19 year old daughter decided to get immunized.

Quoting from the UK Daily Mail she said: I apologize in advance. I need a place to vent. I just saw my daughter’s after visit summary from the doctor. She is 19. She can make her own decisions, I realize that. Yet I’m so incredibly disappointed right now.

Six vaccines after everything I’ve tried to teach her, she continued.

The responses the mother received were sympathetic and also outraged. The mother also claimed the doctor who administered the vaccines manipulated her daughter by claiming that injury by the diseases was far worse than by vaccination (which is true). One person responded by saying she hoped the woman’s daughter had a temporary reaction to serve as some sort of warning.

The mother’s reaction should be one of joy and support for her daughter’s choice, instead she resorts to an attempt to not only gain sympathy but hoping somehow her daughter will witness the mother’s tears in order to shame the daughter. Admittedly, there is no location or names associated with the news story.

However, for a mother to take to social media in an attempt to not only gain attention but also in hopes her daughter would see her is really terrible. The mother can’t argue or make her case rationally, so she resorts to manipulation.

It is a scientific fact that parents with strong political or religious beliefs and indoctrinate their kids will see their children reject their teachings when they become adults. A 2013 study published in the British Journal of Political Science looked at households where parents frequently discussed politics. When their children left home they too will take up politics as an interest only to later go the opposite ideological direction of their loved ones. That maybe the case with this woman’s daughter.

Regardless, the mother should be proud and supportive of her daughter’s choice and not a Debbie Downer. Then again, since the anti-vaccine movement is an environmentalist front group, the mother obviously prefers her daughter to be a martyr for the cause. Instead, the daughter (rightly) chose to live rather than die.

Below is a personal video done by a former anti-vaccination mother who explains why she decided to embrace immunizations.