Animal “Rights” Activists Demand Zoo Closure Due to Video of “Smoking Orangutan”

Despite signs telling visitors not to give food or cigarettes to zoo animals, animal rights activists have started an online petition demanding Badung Zoo just outside of Jakarta, Indonesia be closed due to video footage of an orangutan smoking a cigarette surfaced on social media last Friday.

According to The Jakarta Post, the Indonesia Animal Welfare Society has also claimed that the conditions of zoos need to be addressed in which the group further alleges that animals are housed in poor conditions in cages and get inadequate feeding. The zoo has been previously accused of improper conduct toward animals.

On the surface, the accusations about inadequate feeding and housing of animals at the Indonesian zoo maybe accurate. However, the underlying reason for the objections is due to animal rights groups overall being hostile to zoos, like Badung, since they abhor humans being able to use animals for entertainment or educational purposes.

The video shows a man tossing his lit cigarette into a Bornean orangutan’s enclosure at the Bandung Zoo. The orangutan, named Odon, then picks up the lit cigarette, sits down and puffs away. Below is video footage of the event.