Save the Bees but Kill the Butterflies

Environmentalists maybe responsible for the deaths of over 1 billion butterflies thanks to the green movement’s support of ethanol. Citing research done by the National Wildlife Federation, the Monarch butterfuly populaton is down 90 percent in the last 20 years. THe Western Journal also quotes environmentalists who attribute the massive decline of Monarch Butterflies to the federal Renewable Fuel Standard they once made the case.

Additionally, The Journal points to a Washington Post article published three years ago that states that only 30 million Monarch butterflies are in existence and cited scientists who said the butterfly species could be on the verge of extnction.

Efforts are underway by the National Wildlife Foundation to raise awareness of this Monarch butterfly’s plight and there is a push in Congress now to repeal the ethanol mandate. However, this goes to show the perverted priorities of environmentalists. Their windmills are killing numerous birds and they advocate to save bees from pesticides despite no threat to bees exist.

Now environmentalists largely ignore the threat ethanol can pose to Monarch butterflies. Environmentalists are selective in their outrage and only care about the plight of certain animal species when their policies aren’t put in place.