How the media manipulates truth

During February, the Speakers Action Group presented British author Melanie Phillips at Bennett Jones Law Offices where she delivered a talk entitled The World Turned Upside Down: The Role of the Media. Melanie Phillips has made a career of not bowing to the will of the public on controversial issues.

Her new book, Guardian Angel: My Journey from Leftism to Sanity, chronicles her experience being excommunicated from the mainstream progressive movement while working for the Guardian newspaper in the UK.

Her staunch independence and refusal to play party politics have put her at the center of some of Britain’s most important debates from immigration to Brexit. Experience this lunch and learn with one of the UK’s most important political commentators in an intimate setting.

Phillips even hits out at environmentalists who, like the entire political Left, benefit from media manipulation. In many cases, the mainstream media is complicit in promoting the Left and their causes. Ms. Phillips’ insights are invaluable.