Media Blackout, Downplay Of Pfizer Director #COVID-19 Admittance

On his Fox News show, Tucker Carlson beautifully breaks down Project Veritas’s recent exposé of Pfizer official Jordon Trishton Walker admitting that the pharmaceutical giant is considering mutating COVID-19 so that they can preemptively develop new vaccines (i.e. gain of function research).

Shortly after the video was released, doubts were raised about the authenticity of of Walker as a Pfizer director and his statements. However, James O’Keefe produced receipts verifying Trishton Walker as a top Pfizer official.

Walker’s reaction to being recorded, some media outlets are already attempting to downplay the interview’s significance, and Google’s actions speak loud and clear that Project Veritas has, very likely, scored another journalistic homerun.

PHOTO CREDIT: By Alexey Solodovnikov (Idea, Producer, CG, Editor), Valeria Arkhipova (Scientific Сonsultant) – Own work. Scientific consultants:Nikitin N.A., Doctor of Biological Sciences, Department of Virology, Faculty of Biology, Lomonosov Moscow State University.Borisevich S.S. Candidate of Chemical Sciences, Specialist in Molecular Modeling of Viral Surface Proteins, Senior Researcher, Laboratory of Chemical Physics, Ufa Institute of Chemistry RASArkhipova V.I., specialization in Fundamental and Applied chemistry, senior engineer, RNA Chemistry Laboratory, Institute of chemical biology and fundamental medicine SB RAS, CC BY-SA 4.0,